Defense & Diplomacy


We provide:

  • Expert analysis and support to policymakers and operators performing critical diplomatic and warfighting missions worldwide;
  • A team of seasoned experts in national security policy, planning, interagency coordination, international security cooperation and all-source intelligence analysis;
  • Performance-based metrics and evaluation procedures, including organizational capabilities assessments; and
  • Financial management and acquisitions analysis, as well as information technology systems integration.

Current Prime Contract: Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (OASD SO/LIC), September 2018 (HQ003418C0143).

Operations & Analysis


Our team brings over 25 years supporting the Intelligence Community, including:

  • Transforming all-source intelligence into timely and predictive products to inform senior policy makers and operators in the field.
  • Analytical skills to help IC customers solve complex challenges by building models, developing tools, and performing trend/pattern analysis; and
  • Turning analysis into useful information and actionable insights.

We are actively recruiting for positions requiring TS/SCI and higher security clearances.

Data Analytics & Cyber Security


Our data analysts excel at:

  • Acquiring and connecting large amounts of data from disparate sources;
  • Conditioning and processing data;
  • Performing mathematical modeling, algorithm development, and statistical analysis; and 
  • Developing and presenting analytical products to decision makers.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced with building models, developing tools, and performing trend/pattern analysis to bring context to data and deliver results.